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Recommendations for Rob Grant

“Rob Grant's exceptionally effective ministry and his significant imprint on the landscape of the Archdiocese are known well, and sought after. He is a true leader, deeply appreciated by those he manages, and highly respected by his peers. He is, passionate about his work, thoroughly versed in his craft, and a master of his instrument. Most importantly, he brings an authenticity to his ministry that is powerful and tangible.”
;;;; ;;Doug Benbow
;;;; ;;
Director of Liturgy,
;;;; ;;St. Mary’s Cathedral,
;;;; ;;San Francisco

“Students at the four conferences in which we have taught since 2001 have had nothing but kudos for Rob Grant's exceptional expertise as an instrumentalist, his teaching technique, his ministerial sensitivity, and his exceptionally easy and personable way with people.”
;;;Bobby Fisher,
;;;Program Director,
;;;National Pastoral Musicians

“I thoroughly enjoyed the format and content of Rob Grant's workshop. His humor, knowledge and talent helped bring the message of Vatican II home.”
;;;; ;;Workshop Participant

“Rob Grant brings to his ministry a power and strength that come not from any of his titles and degrees, but, rather, from his passion and personal authority. He is effective because he is believable. He is believable because he lives his faith.”
;;;; ;;Rev Dennis Steik,;;;; ;;;;;; ;;;;;; Provincial
;;;; ;;Order of Marists




"I have known Rob Grant since 1974 as both a leader of liturgical music and a friend. I have only the highest recommendation for him as a skillful minister of music and as a deeply spiritual human being”
;;;; ;;Monsignor Harry Schlitt,
;;;; ;;Vicar for Administration
;;;; ;;Archdiocese of
;;;; ;;San Francisco

"Rob Grant brings more than just a thorough knowledge and diverse set of skills to his minsitry. He brings an integrity and discernible passion that make for truly effective leadership He is committed to, and quite successful at, the task of engaging the ‘full, active and conscious participation’ of the assembly.”
;;;; ;;Rev. Bill Brady, Pastor,
;;;; ;;St. Emydius Parish.
;;;; ;;San Francisco

“Rob’s subject knowledge and creative delivery made the presentation not only memorable, but thoroughly enjoyable.”
;;;; ;;Workshop Participant

“From the moment Rob Grant walks into the church, he exudes a presence that is at once authoritative and inviting. All through the liturgy, his prayerfulness and authentic enthusiasm bring out the best in the assembly.”
;;;; Rev. Daniel Carter, Pastor
;;;;Our Lady of Lourdes
;;;;San Francisco








“Rob Grant's work will live on in the countless lives that he has touched. He will be sorely missed for his charismatic enthusiasm, his soulful voice, his keen understanding of the Liturgy, and the Gospel, his lived commitment to social justice, his skillful leadership of singers and instrumentalists, his engaging, comfort-making way, his palpable integrity and his demonstrable love of humanity.”
;;;; ;;Jonathan Dimmock,
;;;; ;;Director of Music,
;;;; ;;;St. Ignatius Church

"I, and my fortunate parishioners, have experienced with Rob Grant the clear difference between the run-of-the-mill song leader who essentially announces the songs, waves his hand, and sings into the microphone--- and the Animator who, by his sincere and artistic treatment of the music and his passionate connection with the assembly, truly facilitates the full participation of the worshippers”.
;;;; ;;Rev. John Ryan, Pastor,
;;;; ;;;St. Catherine Parish.
;;;; ;;;Burlingame CA


"Rob Grant has a gift for
making any subject interesting, organizing and presenting the material in a way that makes it both informative and fun.
;;;; ;;Workshop Participant

"Excellent! Informative! Interesting! Rob Grant is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to. I would love to hear from him again.! Refreshing perspective and relevant.
;;;; ;;Workshop Participant


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