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About Scripture....

Genesis, Eden, and the Whole Apple Thing
Abraham and Isaac
The Book of Job
The Liturgical Calendar
Advent through the Lucan Lens
Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Shall Be
The Good Samaritan
Martha and Mary
The Man Born Blind
The Transfiguration of Jesus
The Raising of Lazarus:
The Gospel of John
Naming Jesus
The Wicked Vineyard Workers
Advent Scriptures
MIndfulness in Advent
The Grace of Mindfulness
Palm Sunday
Mary and Advent
The Road to Emmaus
Holy Thursday Feet Washing

About Rituals....

Celebrating Marriage: The Wedding Ceremony
The Mass of Resurrection: Music for Catholic Funeral
Lenten Penitential Rite Cycle A
Lenten Penitential Rite Cycle B
Examination of Conscience
Act of Contrition
Re-Translation of the Roman Missal



About Pastoral Music....

You Are What You Eat: Music Lyrics that Feed
Inclusive Language
History of Gregorian Chant
Women in Chant
When Guitarists Need to Play Piano Music
What’s so Ordinary about Ordinary Time?
Planning Music for Advent
Planning Music for Lent
Ministry of Hospitality
Review of John Paul II's Recording“Abba Pater” CD
(Gregorian Chant and spoken word preaching of Pope John Paul II)

About Life...

Feeding the Minister: Learning to Hear the Silence
Naming Our Thirst
Remembering Eden
To Josh, on Turning 18
Those Darned Liberals...
Best Quotes about Life by REALLY brilliant people